Grimly Dark

Zappenduster © Stefanie Neumann; #KokopelliBeeFree

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Do you know this, when it suddenly becomes grimly dark along your life path and you cannot see anything, anymore? No beginning, no ending. No left, no right, no up, no down, no centre. One cannot even see oneself…

This is how I felt during the last week and, frankly, I do not know if it is over or if it is merely a light cloud passing by in the darkness.

In times like this one hits rock bottom – on gets ground under one’s feet.

In times like this one may find and ignite the light within oneself.

In times like this it feels like facing death.

One endures fears and gets petrified by self-doubts. One looses trust and hope. It feels like being taken apart completely.

On the path of the adventurer the shaman lets the demon eat them. The digestion process is an in-depth transformation and from what comes out at the back in the end the shaman may put themselves together all anew.

Hopefully there will be something left that comes out at the back. And hopefully the putting together part works out, too…

While the demon is digesting me or until it is excreting me again, and I have put myself together anew it is possible that I will post irregularly or not at all.  It is also possible that I will not answer any comments, for now.  For the time it needs you probably will find me only rarely on the social networks of the world-wide web, as well.

To everybody who receives my newsletter I apologize that the Kokopelli Bee Free Newsletter for Ostara 2016 is precipitated by the reasons mentioned above.

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today? – In that case, please, be so kind and send some of it over to me. I thank you!

Much love,