On Worry and Accepting Help

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As some of you know, I just experienced a pretty dark time.  A lot of worries came up.  Some came true and others did not.

What I noticed is that worrying about something inevitable does not help.  It just takes away the peace that I could breathe in during the time it has not happened, yet.  On the other hand, worrying about things that may or may not happen only seems to pull those things that we wish to avoid closer and makes it more likely that they actually happen.

Or, like my husband Kim likes to say:

All that worry creates is worry.”

-Kim Anthony Kersey

That is not to say that I experience it as helpful to ignore worries when they come up.  In fact, they only seem to get bigger, this way.  What really helps me is to remember that there is help available.  When worry comes up, I notice it.  I call on my spiritual helpers and tell them:

Dear Spiritual Helpers,

I notice this worry.  I know that you benevolently guide me to my highest good and that really all is well.  I choose to trust you.  And I need your help with this.  Please help me.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Most recently it often does not even take five minutes until I then get an insight that helps me or until I just notice that the worry is suddenly gone.

Another very helpful approach for me also is to stay in the Now.  I literally do not know what waits around the bend on the path which currently shows up right before me (only that it is going to be wonderful, as Universe keeps telling me).  What I know and experience for sure is that right now, in this very moment, all is well.  What if this feeling leads to even more “wellness” if we let it guide us?!

Focussing on love and faith in times of worry sometimes seems easier said than done, but it really works.”

-Stefanie Neumann

What helps you in times of worry?
Are you ready to shine a bright light on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,

A big Thank You goes each to Cathie Barash and Ute for inspiring me to write this post.